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"I think it’s the most beautiful tool of the world and it allows us the most magic thing..." —Florence Dassylva-Simard, fifth-grade student




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Personal Publishing and Media Literacy, Hoem Jon & Schwebs Ture (Norway) - lisätty Verkkopedaseurantablogiin 11.12.2005

Tim Lindgren, Blogging Places: Locating Pedagogy in the Whereness of Weblogs, Kairos 10.1 Fall 2005  Lisätty 17.10.2005.  

Many in the field of Composition and Rhetoric are currently considering the role blogging might play in the writing classroom. However, because blogging is a highly adaptable and continually evolving genre, determining this role depends on the pedagogical approach one adopts and the kind of blogging one has in mind.

Tim Lindgren is currently a doctoral candidate in the English Department at Boston College where he is specializing in Composition and Rhetoric. His dissertation research focuses on the genre of place blogging and examines how composing with locative media can foster a deeper sense of place and create meaningful local knowledge.

Jere Majava, Helsingin yliopisto, Kohti avointa oppimista: Henkilökohtaiset weblogit opetuksessa, Piirtoheitin 2 (1/2005)

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Teppo Moisio, Helsingin yliopisto, Miksi opiskelijan kannattaa blogata?, Piirtoheitin 2 (1/2005)

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Bud Gibson A Learning Blogosphere (2): The Long Tail The Community Engine Blog  (News, tools, and analysis for innovating in the information economy) 10.3.2005

Bud Gibson, A Learning Blogosphere (1): Into the Deep, The Community Engine Blog  (News, tools, and analysis for innovating in the information economy) 1.3.2005

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